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Google and Bing Shopping Ads Report: Current Trends and What Lies Ahead

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Google and Bing Shopping Ads Report: Current Trends and What Lies Ahead

Working with enterprise retailers spending over $100,000 per month on Google and Bing text ads and PLAs, our research provides the most comprehensive analysis on current shopping ad performance and projected growth.

To create this report, we sampled the Marin Global Online Advertising Index, composed of advertisers who invest more than $7 billion in annualized ad spend on the Marin platform.

Read Google and Bing Shopping Ads Report: Current Trends and What Lies Ahead, to learn how retailers succeeded in their shopping ad campaigns year over year, and to learn what to expect for this year’s critical holiday season. This instructive guide includes:

  • Data charts showing performance across spend, CPC, and CTR
  • Insights on how mobile has affected – and often dominated – the playing field
  • Details on how image-based ads are faring against traditional text ads
  • Predictions for the 2015 holiday season based on month-over month-variations and seasonal performance shifts

Get your copy of this informative guide today.